How to choose a Clinical Waste Pedal Bin?

Clinical Waste Pedal Bin

How to choose a Clinical Waste Pedal Bin?   When choosing a clinical waste pedal bin for your surgery, clinic or for a hospital there are various factors to be considered. One of the main factors and one that is often confused is the colour coding system for the lid. This article will explain this […]

How to choose healthcare waiting room chairs.

healthcare waiting room chairs

How to choose healthcare waiting room chairs. When choosing to replace the waiting room chairs in a healthcare environment there are various considerations to make that can be balanced again the item cost. Healthcare Waiting Chairs Duty Cycle. The duty cycle of the chair means how many times in 24 hours a person sits on […]

Surviving Coronavirus:- Can your Healthcare Waiting Room Seating be Cleaned?

Healthcare Waiting Room Seating

In the current Covid-19 climate more than ever it is essential that patient and healthcare waiting room seating is cleanable. The Care Quality Commission for years has been advising wipe down and washable seating materials for surgery, dentistry, care home and hospital seating. Now with the social distancing and the start of the “Un-Locking Down” […]

Covid-19 Response – Medical Gloves now in stock

medical gloves

As a response to the Covid-19 pandemic Aspiration Life has taken the decision to stock and sell disposable medical gloves as part of a PPE range. Currently these hard to find items are in-stock and available on a same day dispatch basis from the Aspiration Life warehouse. The range consists of boxes of 100 medical […]

Covid 19 Response: Aspiration Life now sell Seca 535 Vital Signs Monitors

Aspiration Life is working hard to tailor its products to the Covid 19 crisis and help where possible with the requirements of Hospitals, GP’s and those who need care at home. As a response, we have taken the step to start selling the Seca range of Vital Signs monitors. Seca is a German based market […]

Aspiration Life Ltd:- Expanding our Sales and Marketing Suite

Whilst at Aspiration Life Ltd our warehouse is large and stocked with your medical and daily living essentials, such as Labcold Pharmacy Fridges, Seca Scales, Rollators, Dressing Trolleys and Hospital Seating solutions, our office was a bit on the small side. We needed to instantly create a marketing and sales office for our staff that […]