The Consumables section of the Aspiration Life website brings together a wide range of products that are required on a regular basis, including products for Incontinence, Infection Control and Protective Wear (PPE).

We have chosen market leading brands such as Clinell and Azo and added other value offers. The products are incredibly well priced and design to save you time and money. We constantly review the prices to ensure we stay ahead of the market with pricing wherever possible.

In particular the Infection Control section of Consumables has many of the products you will require to keep your surgery, nursing home or business germ and bacterial free with a huge range if Clinell wipes and sprays plus Azo and Robinson Healthcare. There is also a comprehensive House Keeping section with cleaning products to remove and clean dirt and keep your facility sparkling.

No house keeping section would be complete without a range of Paper Products for wiping. As such we have a range of wiping rolls, centrefeed rolls, hand towels and couch rolls all competitively priced and available from stock.

In the world of Covid-19 we have included a useful LINK to the .gov website which gives advice on cleaning.

Incontinence is a problem that many of us have. Finding the right products at the right price can be hard to achieve. Within the Incontinence part of the section there is a range of skin wipes, bedbaths, chair and bed pads that are washable and disposable plus a range of discrete disposable pants and mattress protectors.

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